SFP9 Roller Ball - 70 years of Heckler & Koch

ArtNo.: 262526

SFP9 Roller Ball - 70 years of Heckler & Koch

Exclusive Roller-Ball set for the 70th anniversary of Heckler & Koch GmbH. 

The set includes:
- Original SFP9 pistol case with anniversary print on the top of the case
- Roller-Ball made of black galvanized gun steel with an original SFP9 polygon profile on the housing. Clip with serration of the SFP9 slide. HK logo and lettering engraving on the head of the roller ball in the design of a cartridge case. High quality - Made in Germany
- Original SFP9 magazine as holder for replacement cartridges (blue and black)
- Anniversary medallion"70 years Heckler & Koch". Diameter: approx. 55 mm, Thickness: approx. 4 mm, Design: antique silver-colored, hand-brushed and protective finish
- HK booklet

249,00 EUR
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