HK Ear protectors

ArtNo.: 968182
The HK Ear protectors are the best choice for extreme noise levels. A faithful companion on the shooting range or other areas exposed to extreme noise.

The high strength stainless spring steel shanks result in constant pressure of the ear protectors against the ears. Due to their combination of foam material and liquid filling the cushions will also adapt to spectacle retainers optimally and without pressure. Tha black shells with HK Logo imprinted on both sides have easily replaceable cushions and foam elements. Your ear protectors will thus remain hygienic even after years of use.

  • european Standard E352-1 + 3
  •  Attenuation value: SNR 35dB
  •  H: 40dB, M: 32dB, L: 23dB
  • Weight: approx. 285g
  • Dimensions: approx. 175 x 140 x 90 mm
30,00 EUR
Subject to modification | The pictures shown may differ from the original

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